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The County Attorney is the prosecuting officer for the county courts. They handle criminal misdemeanor cases, as well as civil suits affecting the county and other matters such as juvenile cases, protective orders for family violence, revocation of probation, bond forfeitures and commitment procedures.

Their office is at the county courthouse, Suite 300, Decatur, TX 76234, and he can be contacted at (940) 627-3321.


The County Auditor, appointed by the district judge, checks on the financial operations of county offices and has certain financial account and record-keeping responsibilities. Their office is at 207 N. Church Street and can be contacted at (940) 627-5744.


The Wise County Clerk keeps records for the county. They are the clerk of the county court and the commissioners court and keeps a record of the proceedings. They are in charge of the filing and recording of birth and death certificates and issuing of marriage licenses. Records of real property are also filed at the county clerk’s office. Their office is at 200 N. Trinity in Decatur and can be contacted at (940) 627-3351.


The job of the county commissioners calls for hands-on service, as well as the ability to handle policy-making budget decisions.

Four commissioners, each elected from a quarter of the county’s population, serve along with the county judge on the commissioners court. In addition to assuring that county roads are maintained, commissioners vote with the county judge to set the budget for all county departments and adopt a tax rate.


County constables are authorized peace officers and the chief process servers of the justice court. They have statewide jurisdiction to execute criminal processes. They can also execute processes issued by some state agencies. Constables subpoena witnesses, act as bailiff and execute judgments.

Constables serve four-year terms.


The County Judge presides over the four-member commissioners court, which has budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations.

The judge has broad judicial responsibilities and is often the principal source of information and assistance.

Their office is located on the first floor of the county courthouse in Decatur, and can be reached at (940) 627-5743 or


The County Treasurer collects all money for the county and disperses money as directed by the commissioners court. They are also responsible for accounting for all funds in the county treasury and submits reports to the commissioners for approval.

Their office maintains records for county employees, including insurance and retirement. Every county office that receives money makes daily deposits to the county treasurer.

The county treasurer can be reached at P.O. Box 554, Decatur, TX 76234, or at (940) 627-3540 and


The District Attorney represents the state of Texas and attends the state district court exclusively. The district attorney can assist the attorney general’s office in enforcing the rules and regulations of state agencies and the conduct of state officials.

In Wise County, the district attorney’s duties are focused primarily on prosecution of felony criminal offenses.

The district attorney’s office is Suite 200 at the courthouse in Decatur, and he can be reached at (940) 627-5257 or


The District Clerk is called on to assure that the affairs of the district courts are maintained objectively with the full confidence of judicial authorities.

The district clerk’s office handles acts and proceedings in the district court, enters all judgments of the court, administers child support payments and administers trust accounts for minors ordered by the courts. The office also keeps an index of suits filed in the court as well as keeping an account of all funds collected by the office.

The district clerk can be reached at P.O. Box 308, Decatur, TX 76234, or at (940) 627-5535 or


The justices of the peace are the legal jurisdiction closest to the average citizen and are officers of justice courts and small claims courts. They have jurisdiction over minor misdemeanor offenses (Class C) and in civil matters where the disputed amount does not exceed $5,000.

A variety of civil processes, as well as arrest and search warrants, can be issued by the justices of the peace. They can preside over hearings pertaining to the suspension of drivers’ licenses and conduct other hearings and inquests.

They can conduct marriage ceremonies and serve as ex officio notary publics for their precincts.


The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for the county and is responsible for operating the county jail, investigating crimes and maintaining communications with other law enforcement organizations. He has countywide jurisdiction.

The sheriff’s office is at 200 Rook Ramsey Drive in Decatur, and he can be reached at (940) 627-5810 or at


Aside from collecting property taxes for the county, the Tax Assessor/Collector is responsible for motor vehicle registration.

The tax assessor/collector office is at 404 W. Walnut in Decatur, and he can be reached at (940) 627-3304.


The Elections Administrator handles voter registration applications in the county. They can be reached at, (940) 626-4453 or P.O. Box 1597, Decatur, TX 76234. His office is at 1555 Bus. U.S. 380 W., Suite 1, in Decatur.


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